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Questions and Answers

Is there a possibility we will only have online classes next fall?

As of now, we are still looking forward to having students on campus this fall. Please view this video from MBU President Pamela R. Fox on the topic.

Will online summer classes be available for freshmen?

We would be happy to help you get a headstart on your college classes through online summer classes. Just let your admissions counselor know that you are interested and they will assist you in the process.

How do we pay for tuition?

Please get in touch with our financial aid office at or your admissions counselor for more information.

Can I get my Masters in Education after I complete my undergrad?

Yes, we have an excellent fast track program to allow you to get your masters within five years.

If we want a physical education licensure, what is the route we would take?

We are currently exploring adding a PE endorsement program, but currently that is not an initial licensure program at MBU. However, students can pursue another endorsement (like social studies, elementary ed, biology, etc.) and test into the PE endorsement to add it to their other license. Students wanting this option should consider minoring or majoring in Exercise Science.

Are classes for the undergraduate exercise science program held on the main campus, at the health science campus, or both?

Classes for the Exercise Science program are held on our main campus.

If I want to become a JAG Lawyer would taking courses in criminal justice benefit me best for preparing me for law school?

Any courses pertaining to the CJ system, the legal system in particular, will be helpful in preparing

How soon will the Cybersecurity track for Criminal Justice be available?

We were scheduled to have it completed by the fall, but things have been held up because of the COVID-19 situation. More information will be available closer to the fall regarding availability.

Do students go right into the MBA program after completing their undergrad?

There is a track that allows you to go directly into our MBA Program.

Can we take classes at the American Shakespeare Center?

We have an exclusive partnership with the ASC that grants access to many, many of the ASC’s theatrical and educational programs.

Can undergraduate Theatre students simply go straight into the Graduate program in Shakespeare after we’ve completed our undergrad or is there another application?

We have a BA/Mlitt program that allows you to seamlessly transition into the Shakespeare graduate program in your fourth year. That is, your fourth year features as your final undergraduate year and first year in our grad program. That means after five years you will have earned a BA and an MLitt. There’s no additional application required.

Can first year students audition for the plays or is that reserved for upperclassmen?

There are opportunities for all students to participate. One of the great features of MBU’s intimate scale is that you won’t have to wait until your third or fourth year to appear on stage. You can get started from day one.

Do you have to major or minor in arts to participate?

You do not need to major or minor in arts in order to participate. We absolutely encourage and invite non-majors to participate in our programming.

What type of dance programs do you have, or dance opportunities. Also do you have ballet?

We offer dance classes in jazz, modern, tap, recreational, hip hop, and ballet.

Does the Theatre program offer any Stage Combat courses that would be applicable to the Society of American Fight Directors proficiency testing and certification? Is any of that testing offered through MBU?

Yes, absolutely. We offer two stage combat courses a year. The first is called “Combat Essentials” and features as an introduction to safe and effective stage combat. Then, every year we offer a specialized course that rotates annually through unarmed, broad sword, rapier and dagger, and staves. This more specialized course culminates in a skills test administered by the SAFD.

Do you have a track that allows you to attend an extra year to obtain a Masters in Social Work?

We don’t currently have a MSW program, but many of our BSW students go on to receive master degrees at other institutions.

Is it better to double-major within the same field?

Double majoring is completely up to the student and the route that they are interested in pursuing. Please see a list of our majors here.

Are the gen ed requirements and how many hours?

There are general education requirements. Typically 36 credit hours of the 120 credit hour graduation requirement are general education courses.

What is the College for Women?

It’s a one-of-a-kind program within the co-ed Mary Baldwin University, and it’s focused on preparing women to be leaders. It consists of our Program for the Exceptionally Gifted (PEG), Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership (VWIL), and the Ida B. Wells gateway. Please visit the MBCW page for additional information.

Do students get to choose their own courses after their first year?

Students have the ability to choose their own courses after their first semester.

Can you tell us about your pre-law/ legal studies program and what it means for a future in law school?

Please see our Criminal Justice website. We have had many students go on to Law School.

How does freshman year courses work if dual enrolled prior to MBU enrollment?

Once we get your final transcripts, we will be able to figure out which courses will transfer over. Anthony Hammer in Admissions would be willing to take a look

How does May term work?

It’s a chance for students to choose one course that lasts for two to three weeks. It’s the perfect time to sign up for a unique class on campus or to study abroad with MBU faculty.

When will we know what classes we are assigned?

Over the summer you will complete a pre-registration document and then will receive your first semester courses around July/August.

When do we do our first-year course scheduling? Is it done in person when we arrive on campus or will we be sent an email with directions?

A course registration form will be sent out to students around July/August.

Is the clinical laboratory science degree part of the Murphy Deming college of health science?

Do you have to apply to Ida B Wells and these other inclusive excellence programs or are you invited?

Yes. Many students are invited to these programs, however if you are interested please contact your admissions counselor for more information.

When will we get the info for our roommates and such?

You will receive a housing form that would enable our residence life office to pair you with a roommate. Housing assignments will be released during the summer. 

Do I have an admissions counselor/ or how do I find out who my counselor is?

You do have an admissions counselor and they’d be excited to help you figure out next steps. You may email with your questions and the correct counselor will respond.

With a mathematics focus, would the majority of classes be in Staunton or Fishersville?



You would be on our main campus in Staunton.

Is May term included in tuition?

You would be on our main campus in Staunton.

When do we have to declare a major?




Students typically declare a major at the end of their freshman year. You have plenty of time to explore different academic courses. 

What is the best program to enroll in if I want to be a Lawyer?

Students from all sorts of academic backgrounds have gone to law school. English majors, history majors, philosophy majors, political science. The consistent theme is being able to read and critically think. Your advisors at MBU will help you out!

Is there a support group for out of state freshmen?

Great question! We run support groups based on student needs and student requests throughout the year. We have faculty and staff with expertise in areas like this, as well as a counseling center that helps to coordinate our support groups. Our most heavily attended group is typically our “Transitions” support group, which speaks to all sorts of first-year student needs and concerns, from home-sickness to sharing bathrooms.

When will the housing form be available?

You will receive a housing form that would enable our residence life office to pair you with a roommate. Housing assignments will be released during the summer

What should incoming students (especially Theatre students) be doing now to prepare for MBU? Are there any books on stagecraft or theatre text analysis that any faculty would recommend reading over the summer before starting at MBU?

Please email the undergraduate chair of theatre Dr. Kerry Cooke at with this question.

Will the orientation guide be sent to us immediately after we pay our deposit or will it be sent to us in the summer?

The orientation guide should be mailed toward the end of May/ early June.

Any scholarships or grants offered?

You can reach out to your Admissions Counselor and they can speak more specifically about your situation. 

What does the deposit go towards?

Your remaining balance for tuition.

How does our schedule work if we already have credits?

You will need to contact Anthony Hammer at

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