Life at MBU — Video and Q&A

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Questions and Answers

Do you work with individuals who have specific dietary needs?

Yes! The dining hall works with students who may have specific food allergies or dietary needs. Food is labeled at each location and will let students know if it fits a certain dietary need.

Can a freshman change their plan throughout the year?

First year students have a set meal plan for the year but after their first year they can adjust their meal plan to fit their needs.

Do you all have a university garden?

There is a small garden area near the dining hall that students work with dining services to help grow some of the veggies in the dining hall. We also have a project on campus called MBU grows where students watch and care for several plants grown under a hydroponic lamp.

How do I have to purchase my meal plan?

For residential students, the meal plan is built into their cost to attend for the year. For commuter students, meals can be purchased in bulk or students can pay per meal with a debit card or cash at the dining hall or cafe. 

Is there variety in food options each day?

Yes! The dining hall does a great job of having a mixed variety. There is something for everyone!

If you live off campus can you still enjoy the dining hall?

Yes, you are able to purchase dining dollars if you live off campus for your meals!  You can visit this link for prices –

Can you talk about our schedule as a first-year if you already have some credits?

Yes. You can contact your admissions counselor and they will direct you to the right person to speak with about credits you have to transfer in and what your first semester of classes may look like.

Is there anything else, other than the deposit, that I should pay before I am able to attend?

Your deposit is the only thing you would need to pay right now in order to be an official MBU student! The deposit link is

How and when will class registration begin?

In the coming weeks, deposited students will receive more information about the required next steps in order to be 100% ready to attend in the fall. One of those items will be to complete the pre-registration form so that our associate provost can build out your fall schedule.

Will there be a mandatory orientation before we can attend?

Yes, we will offer an Orientation Week at the beginning of the semester for freshmen to move-in early and get to know campus and each other.

Is there a possibility to have a single room considering everything going on?

Single rooms are an additional cost that are given out on a first come, first served basis. Singles are typically reserved for students who have some sort of medical issue which requires them to need a space to themselves. To inquire more about singles, feel free to reach out to our housing office at

When are the New Student Days?

Usually the New Student Days are in June and July, but with the current national crisis we are adjusting and will be providing exact dates soon!

I read about new student days in june i believe, are those still happening?

As of right now, we are working to make our new student days virtual. More information will be pushed out to students as decisions are made.

Is there a housing deposit required?

There is no housing deposit required. The enrollment deposit is the only thing you pay prior to attending. Submit your enrollment deposit HERE

When does the fall semester start?

Classes will begin August 31st.

Do you need to apply to be in RISE?

There is an application process. More information will be pushed out to students later this spring/summer.  If you have any specific questions about the RISE program, please email

When is move-in week?

Move in for students would be a specific day the week before classes start (classes will begin August 31st).

Can I have overnight guests?

Yes. We have a 72 hour on and 72 hour off guest policy.

Can I request a roommate?

Yes, you are able to request a roommate. When you fill out your housing form later this spring/summer, be sure to include the first and last name of the person you’d like to room with (and be sure they do the same!)

Can freshmen apply to be an RA?

Freshmen are not able to be an RA. Part of the RA role is really knowing the campus community and having MBU experience. We want our freshmen to be able to learn from them and prepare to hopefully be an RA in their sophomore year!

Is there a community kitchen where we could cook?

Yes. Each residence hall has at least one kitchen for students to use. The kitchens are furnished with a stove and refrigerator.

How does May term work?

It’s a chance for students to choose one course that lasts for two to three weeks. It’s the perfect time to sign up for a unique class on campus or to study abroad with MBU faculty.

Is there a Starbucks or Dunkin on campus or near campus?

The cafe sells Starbucks coffee and specialty coffee drinks. There are also multiple coffee shops downtown – only one block away!

I heard you all have sushi days? Is this true?

Yes! Our dining hall serves homemade sushi several days a week!

I’m out of state. Is there a nearby health clinic for minor health concerns or emergencies?

Yes, we have a health center on campus and then Augusta Health Hospital within 15 minutes of campus. The city of Staunton also has a MedExpress/Urgent Care.

How much does laundry cost? What are laundry facilities like?

Laundry is FREE! Each residence hall is equipped with a laundry room with at least one washer and dryer.

Are we allowed to have microwaves in the dorms?

Students are allowed to have a mini fridge or microwave but not both.

Was the deposit requirement extended to June 1st? I thought I saw an email that it was extended.

Yes! The enrollment deposit deadline has been extended June 1. Make your deposit HERE

I have an emotional support pet, am I allowed to bring that on campus?

Documentation is required. Students work with the office of student engagement to determine eligibility.

Is there a chapel on campus? Are religious services available?

Although church services are not available on campus, MBU does have a full-time Chaplain who works with students to get them acquainted to religious life in the city of Staunton.

What does the deposit go towards since it changed prices from $300 to $100?

It is applied toward your fall-owed tuition balance.

Is there a plan in place for freshmen in the event that we can’t come on campus in August?

There is a task force working to pan out those details as we speak. As a decision is made, it will be pushed out to students.

Can freshmen take a car?

Yes! Parking passes are $50 per year. For more information about parking and safety at MBU, check out our campus safety and security page.

What is the RISE program?

It’s a mentorship program for first year students. For more information about RISE, please email

Can anyone play sports at MBU or do I need to be recruited?

Our athletic teams have walk on tryouts prior to the start of their season.

Is the College for Women something that all women automatically are part of? e.g. are PEGs in the College for Women?

PEG, Ida B. Wells, and VWIL students are automatically part of the College for Women. Students who are not part of those affinity groups can select to be in the College for Women.

How much is the cost of tuition including accommodation and food?

That price is listed on the second page of our financial aid package. The total cost to attend (minus travel & personal expenses and books) is $40,815. For more information or specific questions about cost, reach out to our financial aid office at

Do we have to take MBU 101?

Yes, all incoming students are required to take MBU 101.

Can you tell us more about the PEG dorms?

The PEG residence hall is similar in set up that they are double and triple occupancy rooms and community style bathrooms. There are additional live in-staff in the PEG residence hall and the staff and community lounge for PEG are all on the main floor.

Are you allowed to have a window AC unit?

AC units are allowed for students who have medical accommodations.

Can my dorm room fit a couch?

The rooms cannot accommodate a couch.

Are we allowed to have TVs on our dorms?

Of course! Each room is equipped with a hookup for cable TV.

Do a lot of students go downtown? What are some of the things to do?

Students love going downtown! There are coffee shops, places to eat, shops, and great scenery.

If one picked a major in their application, may they change it before the end of freshman year?

Yes. Students have until their second year to declare a major.

Do girls participating in VWIL still fill out a housing application?

Yes. They will still complete a housing form. General Djuric and her staff will work together to house those students.

Are there AC controllers in each room?

The buildings where AC is available have controllers for air and heat. First year residence halls are not equipped with AC.

Can international or out of state students stay in their dorms during winter break? How about summer break?

International/Out-of-state students are permitted to stay for fall break and spring break but have to get permission from the office of residence life. Typically, all students are asked to vacate campus for winter and summer breaks unless granted permission to remain on campus.

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