360° Campus Tour

Go ahead … start imagining yourself here. Use the white arrows to move between spaces. And keep an eye out for the six emojis we’ve hidden as part of the Mission: MBU game! Look for the MBU spirit mark that shows where to search.

Martha Stackhouse Grafton Library

MBU student Joseph Kulinski is here to give you the 411 on Grafton Library! Although currently closed in response to COVID-19, librarians are continuing to provide research services through email and chat, assisting with e-delivery of research articles, and helping ease the overall transition to e-learning for our students.

Center for Student success

Your one-stop shop for getting ahead in college! The CSS houses three offices: The Vantage Point, which provides job preparation and personal development. Lately, they’ve been focusing on providing quarantine resources on building resiliency and self-care and fostering virtual conversations among students. The Q-Center improves quantitative skills and competency. Numbers aren’t just for math majors — they’re everywhere! The Academic Resource Center provides tutoring in all subjects, writing support, and also accessibility services. Appointments for virtual tutoring have always been available, leading to a smoother transition for residential students looking for tutoring support during their online learning transition.

Mission MBU

BasketballPhysical Activities Center

Welcome to the PAC! You’re looking at the new weight room and aerobics room. The PAC is also where dance, yoga, fencing, and Pilates classes are taught, and where athletic teams practice.


Women’s Sports: Tennis, Track, Cross Country, Softball, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer.
Men’s Sports: Tennis, Track, Cross Country, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer.

There’s also a number of club sports like cheerleading, equestrian, and hiking.

Mission MBU