360° Campus Tour

Go ahead … start imagining yourself here. Use the white arrows to move between spaces. And keep an eye out for the six emojis we’ve hidden as part of the Mission: MBU game! Look for the MBU spirit mark that shows where to search.

residence Halls

Here you’ll see several rooms from Spencer Hall and the Program for the Exceptionally Gifted (PEG) dorms. We weren’t able to capture photos before our students had to move out due to the coronavirus pandemic, but fully stocked and decorated, there is plenty of opportunity for personalization, with ample storage and closet space and a sink in each room. Two Resident Advisors (RA’s) per single-gender floor provide support and leadership to students. They’re your go-to for managing conflicts, providing advice, and are great resources for all things MBU.

Mission MBU

Jesse Cleveland Pearce Science Center

These panoramic photos show off two popular student spaces, Pearce Science Center and the connected Francis Auditorium. Interconnection is a hallmark of a Mary Baldwin education, as Health Sciences major Danielle “Danny” Devere discusses in this video.

Mission MBU

Samuel and Ava Spencer Center for Civic & Global Engagement

MBU students want to be the creators and leaders of positive social change. The Spencer Center helps build those skills. Here, you’ll learn to build bridges between campus and the community. You’ll get involved locally and globally. And by interacting with a diverse range of people, you’ll expand your knowledge of the world as those you interact with also learn from you.

There’s more to see! Check out the next page for Grafton Library, the Center for Student Success, Physical Activities Center (PAC), and the rest of the Mission: MBU emojis!

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